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Please read the Q and A below, or contact us if you have additional questions.
How to buy ?

Find your parts:
You can search for the parts you need using the search function (you can search for more than 1 part at a time, by adding the part numbers separated by coma), once the parts are found, add the needed quantity then add the item to your cart, or you can browse trough our bmw parts catalog (ETK) in your language, find the parts you need, add the quantity then add the part to your cart.

Your Cart:
From your cart, you can modify quantities, or remove items and after you are done you can checkout using the secure checkout button.

Checkout Page:
You can Sign into your account, sign up for an account, or even checkout as a guest.
If you have signed in and previously saved your shipping information, it will automatically be loaded into the fields, you will have to double check the information, make sure it's correct, and choose the method of payment.
If you sign up for an account now, you will have to enter the required fields like, name, phone number, address, country. If you wish you can check the "Save the information to my user profile." checkbox which will save the information to your account so that in the future you won't have to add it again, then chose the method of payment.
If you checkout as guest, you just have to enter the shipping information and chose the metod of payment.

Chosing Method of Payment:
Paypal, is recognized and used by milions of people all over the world, it's secure, and there are no risks, but depending on where you are located it may require you to have / create an account on PayPal in order to make payments.
PayU, is a secure alternative to PayPal, which doesn't require an account in order to make payments, it accepts all major credit cards, bank transfers, and it's 100% secure.

Once you have chosen the method of payment you will be directed to the respective secure environment to PayPal or PayU, where your credit card information will be processed in a secure environment. Once you complete this step, you will receive payment confirmation email and a booking confirmation email.

Search for multiple parts ?

You can search for more than 1 part at a time by adding the part numbers in the search box separated by coma. EX: 83429410694,83420307530 then press enter or click the magnifying glass.

What is the delivery time ?

Standard delivery time for Europe is 4-7 days with DHL, Romania 7 days and for the rest of the world 15+ days. We use DHL and priority mail to deliver all orders. Tracking code is provided for all oders.

Do you deliver in my country ?

We deliver world wide. If you cannot find your contry in the list of countries where we deliver, contact us and we will add your country to the list.

Help with tracking code ?

You can track your orders by adding the tracking code at the following page address DHL - Track your order or Posta Romana - Track your order
The service used for shipping your order is specified in the emails we send you with your order, and tracking code.

How to check order status ?

You can check the status of your order, by going to Track your order where you will have to add the order ID found in the top right corner of the order confirmation email, and press enter or click the search button.

Contact us by email or phone.

If you don't find your answer here, please contact us at or by phone +40 745 433 734

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Registered Office: Manastur Street 91/40, 400686,
Cluj Napoca, Romania
VAT Registration No: RO 26 92 65 88